NOTD: Revlon’s Cloud

I thought I would start rocking the pastels again, since summer is kicking into high gear here (it’s SO warm here). I love this polish. It dries quickly and the color is just so flattering. If you are one of those people that find lilacs clash with your skin tones (I don’t usually look good in lilacs either) You’ll find this lilac is very flattering because it has a lot more blue in it than your regular lilac.

2 coats of Revlon’s 602 Cloud.

Great formulation, opacity achieved in two coats.


NOTD: Revlon’s Peachy

I’ve recently noticed that my drugstore started carrying the Revlon Top Speed line, I was intrigued as I’ve had a few that my sister bought me while she was away, and I actually liked them. Personally, I find the regular revlon line to be OK, not the greatest because 1) it takes forever to dry between coats, and it ends up getting smudged (despite the fact that I usually wait a lot between coats) 2) they chip so quickly and I see tip wear in a few hours. 4) Some are quite sheer. The Top Speed line is the total opposite! It dries quickly,doesn’t chip as quickly and the few I’ve tried needed no more than 2 coats at most.

I’ve decide to get peachy, which is a peach (surprise, surprise!) It’s pretty and very flattering. I needed two coats and it was perfectly smooth.

2 coats of Revlon’s 603 Peach

Overall, great color and formulation. I would recommend!

OPI: The Amazing Spider-Man collection.

I was so happy to see the display of the new spiderman OPI collection pop up in my beauty supply store. I looked at swatches and reviews, and wasn’t really all that impressed. I had my mind set on My Boyfriend Scales Walls, which was the grey off-white because I love off-white colors. The rest, I said I’ll look into getting when I see them in person. I ended up buying four colors. I passed on the cream orange, and the shimmery pink, because they are so common in every brand, and OPI has tons that look identical. I also passed on the shatter because I’m not a fan of shatter polishes.

Overall, I’m disappointed in this collection. Most of the colors had a really horrible runny formula and some weren’t as unique as I wished they would have been.

3 cotas of OPI’s Number One Nemesis.

This color is beautiful, it’s a greenish-grey gunmetal color. It’s beautiful on the nails (not so much on my nails right now, I think it would look better on shorter nails.) The downfall of this color is the formula. It’s runny, and the first coat was VERY sheer. It gave  almost full coverage on the second coat, but some nails were still sheer, so I had to go in for a third. Its sparkles but isn’t a pain in the butt to get off. I surprisingly liked this. It’s OPI’s version of Chanel Graphite, which I don’t own, but a google search of both confirms they are in fact, dupes.

2 coats of OPI’s Just Spotted the Lizard

This is OPI’s version of Chanel’s Peridot. They are basically identical.  The formula of this was OK. It need two coats. The first was sheer so I used a heavier hand and loaded the brush in order to get a thicker coat. It was opaque in two coats. I love it, I think it will look better on shorter nails, but oh well. No major complaints. If you don’t have Chanel’s Peridot and want a cheaper alternative, this is great.

3 coats of OPI’s Into The Night

This color is the worse formula-wise. Let’s not forget it’s really isn’t that unique and in my opinion, isn’t worth your money. It was streaky, completely sheer in the first couple of coats and very uneven in coverage. I hate this. I didn’t have it on my nails for more than 10 minutes before I just had to remove it. There are many other blues like this that aren’t as uneven and streaky. Don’t buy, please.

2 coats of OPI’s My Boyfriend Scales Walls.

This is an grey off-white. It’s almost white, but has the slightest hint of grey. The formula is great and you can get away with one coat, but I always do a second to just even everything out and prolong the longevity.  For a white/off-white, the formula is great, and in my opinion, better than OPI’s Alphine Snow. I really like this, partly because off-white suits me. I don’t have anything like it in my collection.

Polishes I’ve been wearing recently.

Sorry for being MIA. My blog has been neglected, and now that I’m off school, I can afford to spend much more time blogging. I haven’t been updating but I’ve been taking pictures of polishes I’ve been wearing recently and thought I would share a few.


I’ve been neglecting tons of my new polishes because I’ve been buying so many in so little time, it’s hard to go through them so I decided I’m not going to buy anymore until I get to use each and polish I’ve bought. I bought OPI Ink on a wimp, In the bottle, it looked a lot like one of my all-time favorite polishes, OPI Russian Navy. It looked like a navy blue with purple undertones, looks a lot like Russian Navy, so I thought why not since I loved Russian Navy so much. When I put it on, it looked so different than Russian Navy. It had visible specks of purple shimmer, that gives it the “lit from within” look. (cheesy, but true) The formula is almost a one-coater, but some nails needed two for evenness. Excuse the tip-wear and the sloppy polish job!

OPI Ink.

OPI Ink.


I thought I would compare it to similar bluey-purple shimmery dark colors in my collection. Here’s a comparison between three of the closest colors I could find in my collection.

Comparison between OPI Russian Navy, OPI Ink, Chanel Vendetta.


You can clearly see the bright purple shimmer in OPI Ink, compared to the rest. I love this color. It’s vampy and uplifting at the same time.



Have a nice day,



NOTD: Color Club’s Factory Girl

God, It feels like I haven’t posted in so long. A lot has happened since my last post. I finally received my huge (30+ polishes) order from and I’ve bought some OPI in store (It was on sale though, so it’s justifiable…I think?) but I’m taking a little break from buying nail polish so I can wear every color that hasn’t been worn yet! I like to use my polish, not buy and collect! Also, my two racks have 100+ polish racks have reached beyond their limit, so I guess no more polish for me for a while. (let’s see how long THAT will last)


Anyways, let’s get on with the post. As many of you know already, I’m very much an OPI, Essie, CG kind of girl. I don’t do much experimenting with brands I don’t hear of as often. Maybe the occassional Barry M or American Apparel, but that’s about it, I guess. But during my last order, I’ve bought a couple of Orly and a couple of Color Club polishes to try out. I knew I couldn’t go wrong with a light blue, so I went with Color Club’s Factory Girl!


2 coats of Color Club's Factory Girl


It’s a beautiful pale blue, that has some brightness to it. A unique blue in my collection, and one that looks amazing on. The first coat when on streaky and sheer/opaque in different places, but a second coat even everything out. I’m so pleased with this purchase. I can tell I’ll be wearing this a lot!


2 coats of Color Club's Factory Girl


If you haven’t tried any Color Club polishes, I would say you should! This one would be the one I would recommend. You could never go wrong with a beautiful pale, yet bright blue.




I would be buying more in the future, that’s for sure, I’m already compiling wish lists!  Let me know if there are ANY colors you would recommend be added to my wish list!




Where do you buy your OPI polishes?

OPI seems to be getting more and more expensive especially in store/salon. I’ve bought OPI once or twice on transdesign before they pulled off all their OPI. I want to start using Amazon or maybe Ebay to buy discounted OPI, but I hear about fake OPI all the time. Where do you guys buy your OPI? Do you know of any reputable sellers that have a wide array of colors to choose from?